the nine



body flung across  petalstrewn bed

whispers from an inland sea

eyes glimmering beyond the border

doing their cloud thing across the blue

sledgehammering into mind.

soft coincidence of memory

lost somewhere west of the moon

where fragrance darkly blooms

the sails fill, the telltales flit


the sails fill, the telltales flit

remembered in the faraway

crystal salt sears tentative tongues

weaving wind whips layers

from the sleeveworn hearts.

fog rolls in, seeping between lids

omens unfurl in quiet corners

golden summers up in smoke

red dust conceals the fire in stone



red dust conceals the fire in stone

starlit night now sundered by the axe

of first light through the door

while rains turns dust to blood.

the swollen belly kicks and heaves

writes signlanguage for blind hands

beetles crawl midst fallen leaves

where now are those nine

footsteps in the wildwood


footsteps in the wildwood

white cloths filtering the breeze

the solid earth stood stone still

while trains roared past

painter, pianist, poet, purveyor of dreams

all these and more

were promised in a meeting.

hooked like a salmon from the silver seas

fixed in a fading photograph


fixed in a fading photograph

from a hole in the sun

eternity scrawled across the pavement

sand falling grain by grain

communion in the common cup

simple heaven in that lost wildflower

making sinners of us all

ghostdancers in our sodden graveyards

pulling petals one by one


pulling petals one by one

the red sun rose, eyes darkringed

some sweetness in the air

smoke about the wavering flame,

slipped velvet along the corridor

shrugged into a shirt

bought a return ticket

and decided to stay

on this contented day


on this contented day

that which was lost was found

the chickens came home to roost

and early eggs counted hatched

the purveyor of dreams kissed me in my sleep,

remained as I awoke drifting

sang in the voices of the nine planets

forgotten words found wandering

body flung across  petal strewn bed